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IFG’s Internal Audit Solutions Group provides short term project and long term full time services to fit the evolving needs of your internal audit function. With today’s regulatory environment of Sarbanes Oxley, all public and many best practice private companies are creating and/or adapting their internal audit functions. Whether your company is a small or mid-market company looking to start an internal audit department or a large cap firm searching for knowledgeable resources to implement Sarbanes Oxley effectively, our team will provide the services you need. Below is a brief descriptions of services IFG can provide to your company:

Outsourced services (staff auditor to VP) – Looking to create an internal audit department without the cost of several full-time employees? Our team has the experience necessary to create an effective department with significantly less cost.
SOX implementation services – Having trouble getting started with implementing the requirements of SOX and the SEC? Our team has an established methodology which will help management and your external auditor opine on your control structure.
Staff augmentation services – Has your internal audit department determined that management is understaffed in terms of the documentation and testing required under SOX? Our team had the ability to augment your existing staff to meet all deadlines.
Audit Committee consultation services – Is your Audit Committee sufficiently aware of their responsibilities related to SOX? Our team will work with them to ensure that they are educated to ask the right questions of management and external auditors.
Internal audit review services – Is your company not required to adhere to SOX, yet you’re concerned about how your control environment stacks up? Our team can create tailored questionnaires and analyses to give you the objective feedback you need. We can also help management implement recommendations as necessary to improve the control structure of your organization.


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